Here's the thing: At a place widely regarded as the mecca for car enthusiasts all over the world, there are going to be a lot of cool cars. I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Standard issue: A pair of white 997.2 GT3s relax after a session at the 'Ring.
An E92 M3 GTS sits in front of the 997s. There are 250 GTSs in the world and another was sitting inside the M Testcenter down the road.
Behind: Just another E36 M3, but remember that these have the sweet S50 engines North America didn't get.
This diesel E36 racecar inside the Testcenter was just too cool.
A Renault Megane RS parks in front of the famed ED gas station next to the 'Ring. This is one of the fastest hatchbacks money can buy.
Tried and true: A Phoenix Yellow E46 M3 after a session.
Some things in the world go together like white on rice. A set of authentic BBS LMs on a Lemans Blue E39 M5 is the perfect combo.
Some of the best BMWs ever made? I think so.
I know there's a good amount of BMW content here, but stay tuned for part 2 for a more diverse collection of cars.
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