We start off with a quick tour of RSRNurburg's facilities. Some cool cars reside here.
Twins: A pair of Lotus Exiges ready to go for a session.
These Alfas are seriously cool looking. I don't know my Alfas too well, but I believe they are Alfa Romeo 6s.
Correction: Alfa Romeo 75s.
Lotuses. Lotuses for all.
The grandaddy of enthusiast cars. Sometimes there's nothing better than seeing a fairly stock looking E30 M3 being driven the way it's meant to be.
Moving on, here are some cars queueing for a session by the gate. This was a weekday, so I'm sure cars are much more impressive on a busy weekend.
Why doesn't the U.S. get this again? The Scirocco is seriously one of the best looking hatchbacks ever made. This one looks to be an R model and is very aggressive.
Ferraris don't get the best rep around the 'ring (I'll elaborate in a later post). Regardless, driving them on the 'ring is a respectable feat.
As an E46 M3 owner, I don't care much to check out what I already know inside and out. However, this color is very unique. It looks to be a BMW Individual color. I have never seen one.
This is the archetype of a batshit insane Mercedes, the C63 AMG Black Series. It's everything a Mercedes is not traditionally known for and I love it.
An AC Schnitzer 2-series. The 2-series is a brand new BMW and it was cool to see one already ACS'd out.
The best of Germany, next to each other. The bugs splattered on the front of the M3 indicate it represents the oppposite of a garage queen.
A TVR Chimaera and an Evo VI RS in line. As someone who appreciates a variety of cars, this is quite a pleasing sight.
A pair of gorgeous Ford Escort Cossies. The Cosworths are some of the coolest Fords ever made and the U.S. got none of it.
American muscle has a presence around the 'ring as well. One tried and true pick is the C6 Z06. I love the Euro tails with a touch of amber.
Do I miss this place already? Yes, yes I do.
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