As a blog that features exclusively original content, RENNWelt doesn't normally share content found around the web. But this one is just too cool not to share.
Chris Harris, as many car nuts would know, is one of the most well regarded auto journalists in the community. One of his latest videos feature seven of his favorite cars from 2014 in a video that subjects viewers to 42 minutes of automotive nirvana and porn. In case you haven't seen it yet, do it now. And for those who have already, watch it again.
The first car Chris Harris drives in the video is a 918 Spyder with the Weissach Package. And to my absolute delight, it's none other than the very car I was able to shoot back in Germany half a year ago. It was a joy to be able to see the car up close in Stuttgart and it's awesome to see the car again on the internet, driven sideways by the renown Chris Harris.
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