For years I've maintained that I'm a nonreligious person, but I finally realized one day that that was not true. I subscribe to a religion and the building in this picture is my church.
My very first night in Germany was spent appreciating how quiet the town of Nurburg gets. When this shot was taken at 10 PM, there was no one around. In a town that is a mecca for cars and motorsports, it was insanely and eerily quiet. Barely any cars were heard in the distance. I was able to hear myself breathe and walk as if I was in a recording studio. And yes, the sky showed a dark blue hue even at 10 PM given Germany's closer proximity to the north pole. Unfortunately I did not have a tripod with me at the time, but was relieved that the shot worked out fine.
Photo specs: 17mm - 1/50th - ISO 1600 - f4
I've been a lover of BMWs and their performance cars my entire life. I had my first BMW at around the age of 2, when I was gifted a battery powered driveable toy BMW for toddlers. While an actual BMW was not my first car, my first BMW came at the age of 19 and I knew then that BMWs are what I loved. I've since gone on to own two more and I suspect that this is just the beginning.
That orange car inside is indeed an E92 M3 GTS. There are 250 M3 GTSs in the world and I saw two that night within the same hour about half a mile apart. I had not even seen the track at that point and I knew... I knew I was somewhere special.
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