As a kid, the Porsche 959 never received my attention the way Ferrari F40s and Lamborghini Diablos did. Yet with age, I slowly gained an incredible amount of respect for what was coming out of Stuttgart. The turning point came when I started playing the Electronic Arts video game Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. The 2000 racing game featured Porsches exclusively and bid focus on Porsche's heritage and lineage. It was then I learned of some of its most legendary models. Among them is the 959.
The Porsche 959 was the fastest and most advanced production car at its debut in 1986. Porsche built it as a Group B rally homologation model and used it to experiment with pushing an all-wheel drive supercar to the public. The 959 was so impressive it garnered the attention of Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen who fought to change U.S. auto importation laws in order to bring a 959 stateside.
This shot inside the Porsche Museum is the first time I was able to see a 959 in the flesh. Porsche produced 337 of these cars in total and coming across one is still a very rare sight. It's much more subtle than any Italian supercar, yet earns the utmost respect of car enthusiasts all over the world.
I haven't been able to post much with the turn of the year, but I will continue and push out both unreleased and new content. I started RENNWelt as a platform to feature the most timeless German cars by sharing the most tasteful of car content and will attempt to follow through even more so on this in 2015. Stay tuned.
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