[Intermission to the ongoing RENNWelt Museum Collection.]
MFest is an annual gathering of enthusiasts that originated as a meet and activities weekend in Las Vegas. It began as a group of BMW M car fanatics located in Southern California who would make an annual trip out to Vegas and run, show and share their cars while also keeping the Vegas spirit alive by partying and generally having an all around good time.
Over the past several years, MFest has attracted much more than just BMW M car enthusiasts and has grown in participants tenfold. Additionally, the festival has now spread around the nation in chapters at various metropolitan areas.
This year marked the first MFest for Texas as one modified M3 owner and veteran MFest participant James Perry decided to bring the festival back to home base in the Lone Star state.
What ensued was a phenonmenonal turnout that would have been impressive for a debut event of any kind.
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